Our CEC Partners were busy bunnies on Easter weekend!

On Saturday, Honor Society member and CEC volunteer, Ethan delivered 259 lbs of food to senior citizens in need, in just 3 hours! He took time to talk to the seniors and make sure they got their food. Way to go, Ethan!

Our church partner, First Colleyville Church totally knocked it out of the park on Saturday providing help to senior citizens in our community by:

  • Mowing 2 Senior Yards including weeding, trimming tree limbs, edging, and cleaning up trash.
  • Prayed for one family inside their home and delivered groceries to another family.
  • The children brought their letters of encouragement they created earlier in the week to give to the families.
  • Children helped with yard work by raking and mowing and some created chalk art for the homeowners to enjoy.

The yards look amazing and it provided a much needed service to our seniors. One homeowner left a goody bag for the children to share with a sweet note thanking them for their service.

Thank you to all our partners for making a difference in the lives of these senior citizens and families in our community!